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Laser Machine–a good Helper for Textile Cutting
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Laser cutting machineintegrated with light, machine, electricity for the whole, with the advantages of processing precise, fast and simple operation, high degree of automation widely used in leather, textile and clothing industry, which promoted the rag trade development.


Laser processing without any mechanical pressure, so the effect of accuracy and cutting speed are very good. Smooth fine, bright and clean incision, and also has the characteristic of safe operation, maintenance. Can work for 24 hours. Use the traditional laser cutter to cut all kinds of fabric, the production cost is too high, production cycle is long, modify the size is not convenient, which affects the delivery time, cannot solve some Angle, Round hole and complex geometric figure cutting problem. At the same time the traditional cutting machine cut cloth incision easily got the warp and weft taking off the silk, which brought a lot of inconvenience after embroidery, seriously affecting the quality of embroidery and clothing, also reduces the market competitiveness.


When laser machine processing out the non-woven fabric ,the edge is not yellow, automatic locked edge not loose edge, not deformation, not becoming hard, size accurate and consistent; Without burr and size is standard, little error (+ / - 0.1 mm), the effect is soft, no high frequency or knife die cutting pressure curt feeling. Can cut any complex shape; High efficiency, low cost, computer design graphics, can cut arbitrary shape of various sizes lace. Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, the user as long as on the computer design, can be realized laser engraving output and change sculpture any time, can design while produce.


The traditional manual and electric shear velocity is slow and difficult to layout. Cutting speed, simple operation, only have to input  the cutting graphics and size to the computer, laser cutting machinewill make the whole piece of material cutting into you need products, no other tool, no mold, the use of laser achieve non-contact processing, simple and rapid.