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Make A Wise Choice of Laser Engraving Machine
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There are a lot of laser engraving machine in the market, such as fully imported, fully self-developed, components imported and domestic assembled, some are professional laser engraving machine, others may possesses several functions, both for cutting, marking and engraving. Faced with so many laser engraving machines, how to make a wise decision?

First, you should consider the materials to be engraved. According to the different working principle, laser engraving machine can be divided into YAG laser engraving machine and CO2 laser engraving machine, the former is mainly for metal products while the latter for non-metal materials.
Second, make decision according to the processing requirements. Laser machine can be divided for three types: laser engraving machine, laser marking machine and laser cutting machine. Some are professional, focusing on one function, others are multifunctional.
Third, choose suitable machine format according to the dimension of the processing products. Large format machines are relatively expensive, but large format is not always a good thing, some laser machines do not work stably on large format worktable, which may affect engraving quality. Therefore, choose a suitable format is very important.
Fourth, choose the suitable laser power. Choose different powers for different materials, for example, wood engraving and stone engraving need bigger powers.
Fifth, consider the working speed. Higher speed means higher profit in unit time, and some orders are emergent.
Sixth, consider the engraving precision. Precision is the largest distinction between laser engraving machine and the traditional laser engraver.
Finally, consider the after sales service. After sales service of machine maintenance is very important. Some people tend to choose domestic made laser engraving machine, because they think it is convenient to buy components, but imported components often mean higher quality and are hard to damage.