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Question books of laser engraving machine
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Question books of laser engraving machine, the most common problems you will encounter when you use laser engraving machine.

1. Who knows laser engraving machine has what kind of exhaust systems,it is really noisy to use industrial fans?

2. How do deal with foul odor produced by Laser engraving machine?

3. Who produces good quality laser engraving machine control system?

4. What can I do if laser tube of laser engraving machine is broken?

5. There is no encoding dog in laser engraving machine now, how can i start it?

6. Why there are sawteeth in the surface of laser engraving materials?

7. Do laser engraving machine has plate?

8. Why the tube of laser engraving machine do not give out light?

9. What’s the differences between laser engraving machine and traditonal engraving machine?

10. Why laser engraving machine emitting lasers?

11. Laser engraving machine can not penetrate the materials, what can I do?

12. I wanna run a company to sell laser engraving machine, but not sure about the market.

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