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What should be noticed when buying laser engraving machine
Updated:2014-07-17 10:54  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

    Laser engraving and traditional engraving have much difference, its high efficiency, high precision, low cost, non-contact way of processing is quite popular since its launch .However, when buying laser engraving machines, you need to have a complete consideration of all factors, we usually start the transactions but ignore power, speed, accuracy, etc., in order to buy a desirable laser equipment we need to make sure of all in consideration.
    First, choose the appropriate laser power. According to different material and engraving content,appropriate wattageof laser tube should beselect .For example,if users want to do acrylic and color plate engraving, not need too much power; but for wood and stone engraving as  well as  cutting for any material, may require higher power laser, in order to have a multiplier effect.
    Secondly, we need to consider speed and accuracyof laser engraving machine. Only in the shortest time with the fastest speed, it would be able to produce more products, and create higher profits.Normally speed is the key to whether theorders  could be placed and profits could be made. In addition, biggest difference is accuracybetween laser engraver  and  traditional way, much higher.
    Finally, it is important that manufacturers with highquality after-sales maintenance services. Maintenance services of machinery and equipment is very important, good service levels attract users to become regular customers, which is the  decisive factor. No equipment could work all the time, to make the customers feel like service at home becomes critical.