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Distinction Between CO2 Laser Cutting Machine and Fiber Lase
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Before the invention of fiber laser cutting machine, we use CO2 laser to make 3 d processing. But his precise processing technology is only in the hands of some Euro-American countries, and has been losing their shares in the market due to its high price and high maintenance requirements, while fiber laser cutting machine is expanding its market shares.


We know that the wave length between CO2 laser and fiber laser is an order of magnitude apart, the latter can be transmitted by fiber while the former can not, which enhances the flexibility greatly. Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in automobile industries due to its high flexibility, mainly used for processing the curved surface if thin sheets that are about 1mm.. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machine has captured the market soon due to its low cost, easy maintenance and high speed.


Furthermore, fiber laser cutting machine has a high photoelectric conversion ratio of 25%, while that of co2 laser cutting machine is only about 10%. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machine has a great advantage in power consumption and supporting cooling system. However, fiber laser cutting is a newly-emerged technology, whose coverage rate is much lower than that of CO2 laser cutting.