About Han's YueMing Laser

Function Introduction

1, the integrated design, the performance is stabler.

2, electrically operated lead screws rise and fall the work table, the focusing precision are higher, the use is more convenient.

3, extremely high working accuracies, the biggest error is smaller than 0.05mm.
4, extremely high carving speeds: 75m/min.

5, industry in leading continuously, fast curve cutting function: Ordinary type 12m/min, advanced type 40m/min.

6, shortest processing way optimization function, raises the working efficiency greatly. 7, provide the advanced graph automatic diagnosis system, realizes the completely automatic work.

8, users may elect the feed control system, maximum limit raises the production efficiency.

9, users may elect the laser tube special-purpose cold hydraulic engine, enhances the laser tube's working life and the carving effect greatly.

10, import the large diameter silicon to plate the Xin 10.6um wave length reflector, and the ZnSe focusing mirror, the light fades is smaller, the focal point is thinner.

11, carve the entire journey to carry on the light to fade automatically the compensation, guaranteed that the zones of different carving effect maintains consistent.

12, and CAD, CAM and each kind of graphic processing seamless docking and so on AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, direct original map output.

13, support the AutoCAD willfully handpainted curve directly.

14, advanced color managements, support willfully many kinds of colors, defines the carving order at will, completely or part disposable output.

15, perfect slope carving, gradation chart carving.

16, 32M (or higher) mass memory unit, simultaneously saves many work data, realizes is separated from the computer to move automatically, the close-down document does not lose, with ease realizes the batch work.

17, bringing batch tally function, provides enormously for the user measurement convenient.

18, only need a computer, then controls willfully many engraving machines, saves the great cost for the user.

19, industry in first USB data interface, supports inserts hotly pulls out, the data transmission instantaneous completes, carves does not take the computer resources.

20, Chinese liquid crystal display each kind of information, the contact surface is friendly, the operation is more flexible.