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How Do I Make Laser Engraving Machine By Myself
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I started thinking about making a laser cutting machine day and night. What wonderful things a real laser cutting machine can do continues to tease my imagination. One thing that I have long wanted to do is to make some models cottages and other model railroad scenery in the backyard , perhaps I can create a carriage of my own (at least to make a ballpark). There are some other ideas, for example, making accessories, sign and engraving license for my work, making paper-cut and seal for my wife, making doll house and furniture for children of friends ... ... What a magic laser cutting machine ah!

 Now is the time to share my latest production project - a low-cost laser engraving machine, and through this project I might just by chance try the real thing. Although the working space is a little bit smaller, however it still can work, and the cost is very low, and most people have the ability to produce a copy.

In some places I am opportunistic, because the existing knowledge is insufficient to get allelectronic devices, so I chose ready-made devices, but I also try to maintain low-cost DIY (mostly failures, however.) In any case, the parts I use are still very easy to find.

I am very satisfied with the final product, even if it has some room for improvement. Its small size and low power features make it very limited, but enough to get me from a lot of fun. It can cut paper, a wooden sign lettering, making a seal. Engraving machine itself is not too small, at least as large pocket, but it confused you can make the work space the size of the objects are within the size limits in the pocket.

The following is the safety alert.
This laser engraving machine adopts a red laser transmitter of 200 mW, even though it is not enough to burn wood, but may blind your eyes bright if you are not careful! So do not look directly into the laser beam, even look the same reflected light is very dangerous. Please pay attention to safety.

To be continued.