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The Relationship between Laser Marking and Anti-fake
Updated:2014-07-18 09:10  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

    Laser marking machine is a good security tool for anti-fake. The package of the goods first appeared in consumer’s eyes when consumers go to market for purchasing goods. Exquisite package can easily attract consumer’s desire to buy. Laser marking machine can bring new logo effect, which make consumer has a new refreshing feeling. Perfect and unique logo help the production defeat something weak. Although the competitiveness of the product is derived from its own quality, package also has a considerable effect. Laser marking machine is analyzed from the aspects of product pack, this will give customer a new laser marking solution.
    Laser marking machine can be used in a wide range of industries, it can be employed in almost all aspects of life. So let’s talk about its advantage. 
1. Laser marking machine can identify any form of font. It can handle the font in art, manuscript. It can also handle photo and even the picture in tiny form and which cannot be imitated.
2. The working precision of laser marking machine can reach nanoscale. You can see the tiniest part through microscope.
3. Logo made by laser marking machine has the advantage of clear, durable, beauty, high anti-fake. Laser marking machine is a reliable partner.