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Han’s Yueming YAG 500W Newly Developed
Updated:2012-08-23 11:40  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:


 Since laser come out, all industry show great interest to its excellent performance, so many applications has been come out.

In the metal processing industry, the application of laser has a history of dozens of years. For a long time, in metal cutting field, above 1000 W the CO2 laser machine are dominant. Han’s yueming laser as a representative of the domestic laser equipment business will launch the power (500 W) lamp great type YAG laser marking machine to win the market metal.

However, whether CO2 or YAG laser, laser generation principle decide the performance by certain limitations. High power CO2 laser is with huge volume, but the laser divergence Angle is small, can realize the light path by flight cutting process requirement, but the spot is bulk, low energy density is the big weakness. Lamp YAG laser  machine energy density can reach less than CO2 laser, but beam divergence Angle is very large. Even by half flight light path, it’s hard to realize cutting requirement of full lighting bath one.

With high efficiency, high energy density and soft transmission laser is the main aim of Han’s Yueming 500w YAG laser research, let's looking forward to it soon