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How to avoid the radiation of laser marking machine
Updated:2014-07-21 09:11  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

    Laser marking machine may produce some harmful substances during operation, so the operator must pay attention to safety when operating marking machine. How to avoid the radiation of laser marking machine, that is a question worthy to think. Depending on our experience, We summed up solutions over laser radiation protection, wish it can helps the friends whom using the laser marking now. We talked about that the laser radiation is harmful for eyes before, so the protection way is wear a good protective measures radiation glasses.
    Firstly, wearing protective measures radiation glasses.
    Secondly, before 100% sure that one material can be processed by laser machine, please do not process it by laser machine, in case that some harmful substances will come out.
    During laser equipment operation, also can produce poisonous gas and dust. Organization the substance of the principle is that the laser vaporization for light and high temperature decomposition produce potentially harmful air pollutants. Pyrolysis products similar to barbecue smoke, contain toxic substances and nitroso amine such as the known cancer-causing substances. Photochemical reaction products and halogen gas spillover of excimer laser, can cause a similar risk. The method to reduce the substances harmful to human body, is to wear a mask tool that gas is not absorbed by the people, the isolation effect.