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Laser marking machine and mobile power shell marking
Updated:2014-07-19 08:57  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

   In modern society, mobile power supply is becoming more and more popular in our life. It is an easy to use fast charger, which unite the function of power supply and charging, can charge mobile phones and other digital equipment anytime and anywhere or standby power supply, was deeply loved by mass of users. There are about three or four hundred power module manufacturers in China, which has a wide range of varieties. Manufacturers often mark specifications on shell of mobile power supply, the company LOGO, pin definition, etc. Laser marking technology arises at the right moment.
   Compared with the traditional way of marking, laser marking has obvious advantages. Comparatively speaking, screen printing in mass production is a waste of time, when in great variety, the format change is not flexible. And if the power supply module is in great variety, paper tag is very expensive if the printing quantity is small. Although with laser marking machine cost the same way as traditional paper labels and screen printing, but the laser marking is permanent, even if the mobile power supply working at high temperature, the character design of tag will not fail. And the elegant marking will promote enterprise brand. So, laser marking machine is the first choice for mobile power shell marking.