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Laser technology is the twentieth century and atomic energy, semiconductor and computer of eponymous four important scientific and technological inventions. The laser has the very good monochromatic, coherence, directional, in a very small area can accumulate high energy density, especially suitable for material processing. At the end of seventy s, eighty s, a new laser application technology,laser marking machine technology in international sadly arisen, and quickly and get industrialization, become the biggest application laser processing one of the areas.


Laser machine by using the computer controlled laser as processing means, the basic principle is: computer control high energy density focused laser beam in a predetermined path in the role of mechanical parts, electronic components, apparatus, etc to mark the surface of work piece, make the surface materials to achieve instant vaporization chemistry or change the color, etching a certain depth or color words, design, and left on the surface of permanent marker.


Laser marking technology has been widely used in all industries, high quality, high efficiency, no pollution and low cost of modern processing production opened up broad prospects. With modern laser engraving of the application of expanding, the laser manufacture equipment system miniaturization, high efficiency and integration of more and more is also high requirements, a new type of high power optical fiber laser technology development success, this will greatly boost.