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The development prospect of laser processing in sign industry
Updated:2014-07-22 10:37  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

    Laser processing has been developing in application of sign industry in these years. Comparing to highly developed sign industry, laser machine still has great market potential in this industry. For the laser machine manufacturer, it is a challenge, but also an opportunity. Improving the technical content, increasing the operating speed, improving the system stability and improving the processing accuracy are all the essences we need to consider while exploiting market.
    Laser equipment can be used in material like processing wood, double color board, acrylic, and paper. Its processing way mainly is on cutting, including the manufacturing of sign board, acrylic frame cutting, acrylic products cutting and wood cutting. Laser cutting has a high coherence, high strength and high directivity. Meanwhile, it also has no pollution, no noise, no consumable parts and saving more energy.
    We have already has improving knowledge and understanding to laser processing in sign industry, meanwhile we also have further study in this industry and products. Real knowledge is from practice. Truth comes from practice. Han’s Yueming laser will move much further and get much better only if we follow this rule.