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Laser cutting machine is the best choice for PU leather cutting
Updated:2014-07-23 12:07  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

    What is PU (poly urethane) leather? PU leather is a synthetic leather, the opposite with traditional natural, which is widely used in clothing, luggage, footwear, automotive interiors, sofa fabric etc. Because of its unique technology, stable quality, variety of colors and novel varieties, it has been increasingly accepted by customer and market .Compared to traditional PU leahter cutting methods, laser cutting is a more convenient, energy-saving, environmental protection, which is the world's leading technology.
    Laser, is a miracle of technological development of the twentieth century, laser cutting technology has the breakthroughs of the bottleneck of traditional processing equipmentin quality,speed, security, cleaning and other issues.Not only PU leather cutting, but also in all kinds of metal and nonmetal materials processing, it has an unprecedented wide range of applications. PU leather cutting machine with its outstanding performanceandquality enjoys a great popularity inshoes, bags, leather products, leather handicraft production entrepreneurs. Han's Yueming Laser processing machine are the most well-known. Especially the classic automatic feeding CM series laser equipment, its most powerful lay out features cutting fits textiles, clothing, leather and other industries, which not only to save on feeding time, improve processing efficiency, reduce costs and better ensure precision,to achieve uniform processing results.We can say that man can not live without fashion leather, PU leather laser cutting is often in separable from the rapid development of laser technology.