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The Age of LED Lighting: The New Birth Brought by Light Guide Plate Laser Marking Machine
Updated:2014-07-28 15:53  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

    Nowadays, lighting enterprises are on the way to pursuit the lighting method which combines energy saving, environmental and comfortable. LED panel light enjoys the market well by its characteristic of high lightness, energy saving, delicate structure and high uniformity. Lighting has completely entered the age of LED. And this is the new birth of lighting industries which brought by light guide plate laser marking machine.  
Advantage Brought by Light Guide Plate Laser Marking Machine 
    Now LED panel light can be easily seen more and more in the public area like high-level hotel, office, shops and square. Market’s demand keeps grow continuously according to the explosion of lighting in office, family and commercial. Facing the competition from same industry and other kinds of lighting, LED panel enterprise must choose the machine with high production. Light guide plate laser marking machine which with easy cooperation, short production time, higher lightness and longer lifetime is the best choice for them. Besides these points, detailed market analysis, acknowledge of customers, sensitive to the price and good supplier help us win the market and competition.  
Care the Earth and Protect the Nature
    On one hand, industry has great significance on human life and development of social economic, on the other hand, pollution brought by the industry, will bring the big harm on our mother: the earth. Silk-screen printing is an economic way but unfortunately it will bring unavoidable harm to the natural and human. The heavy metal pollution made by silk-screen will stay in the air, water and soil. What’s more, they will increase and move. Fortunately, the light guide plate laser marking machine appeared. This machine is the best choice of care the earth and protect the natural  without using ink, no infrared, no ultraviolet ray, no heating effect, do not contain harmful toxic substances, is to win benefits at the same time also take care of the earth, the best choice to protect the natural.
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