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Dominatmetal position of metal laser cutting machine
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    Metal has been widely used in all walks of life like cars, ships, hardware mould, kitchen appliances, advertising crafts etc. It can be seen everywhere. So, how much do you know about metal laser cutting machine application? 
    At present, metal laser cutting machine is divided into small and medium-power laser cutting machine and high-power one. Small and medium-power laser cutting machine mainly refers to machines whose power is below 1000W and price is relatively cheap and cutting thickness doesn’t exceed 10mm. High-power metal laser cutting machine has more than 1000W. So it can cut rather thick material, which costs much. Generally it is applied in large processing like motor ship parts.
domain position of metal laser cutting machine
    So, we introduce you Han’s yueming small and medium-power metal laser cutting machine:
    Cut carbon steel plate. Now fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel plate. The maximum thickness of the Han's Yueming laser equipment can be close to 15mm and cutting kerf on the thin sheet can be narrow to 0.1mm. When laser machine processes carbon steel, its heat affected zone is small and cutting effect is smooth and very vertical.
    Cut stainless steel. With the development of science and technology, stainless steel laser cutting machine is also very popular. With high-power equipment cutting stainless steel, maximum thickness can be up to 8mm. 
    Cut aluminum and aluminum alloy plate. Aluminum cutting is melt cutting. Metal laser cutting machine can blow away melting substance with gas, then will get good-quality section. At present, there are a lot of equipments on the market which can cutting 5mm or more aluminum.
    Cut other metal materials. Since the density of copper is rather high, machines which can cut 5mm has been very good. Titanium, titanium alloy, nickel alloy etc can be cut with metal laser cutting machine.
    Han's Yueming laser also produces a variety of laser marking machine equipment such as: hand-held marking machine, UV laser marking machine, 3D laser marking machine.