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Where's the self-confidence about Han’s Yueming Laser drilling machine from?
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Laser drilling machines, has always been a favorite for manufacturing users. Whether for  steel, aluminum, iron and other rigid metal material, or leather, cotton, acrylic and other flexible materials, Han’s Yueming Laser drilling machines have become the hottest "partners." for users.
Fast laser cutter for delicate metal cutting  
Some metal manufacturing industry, especially automobiles, ships, metal and other industries will need to punch metallic materials or process square hole, or even just a small point, which needs precise cutting and engraving. Thus, the metal laser cutting machine is a fiber laser, designed for metal materials cutting, to improve the drilling efficiency. Han’s Yueming laser drilling machine, has become a favorite in metal punching industry .
Accurate laser carving for leather delicate hollowing  
As the old saying goes, even the flower is scattered in the soil, crushed by the wheel, its fragrance is unchanged. Leather also has this dedication of “fragrance is unchanged”. A piece of  original leather, through a variety of cutting, cutting, drilling, has become the charming material to increase the beauty of production. Therefore, in order to process leather better, leather laser drilling machines become constantly the magical weapons, fight for the luggage, footwear, apparel and other manufacturing.
Engaged in professional laser equipment manufacturers, Han’s Yueming Laser, from R & D, production, sales to service has its focused mind. It is single-minded, preoccupied, only to create the machinery in need in their own areas. Laser drilling machines shows the miracle of Han’s Yueming Laser.