About Han's YueMing Laser

Excellent Performance

Yue Ming inscription laser engraving machine remarkable performance
  Original installation import laser tube service life 3-5 years
  Domestic origination power elevation work table focusing is more convenient
  Mass memory unit

· may be separated from the computer to move the

· close-down document not to lose automatically the

· free transfer to reach more than 800 Guangdong inscription form document the · work to be more relaxed


  The domestic first USB data port, supports inserts pulls out, is similar to hotly uses the superior plate equally convenient.
  Chinese liquid crystal display that the contact surface is friendlier, the operation is more flexible.
  Original installation Japanese import straight line guide rail
  Imports the large-scale silicon to be gold-plated the entire reflector, 10.6μm the wave length, diameter 25.4mm, the light fades is smaller, the efficiency is higher.
  Is in sole possession of the patent biplate focusing system, the line is thinner, the efficiency is higher, engraves draws the depth ultra imagination.
  The home is in sole possession of the engine off call function, with ease highly effective completes the work.
  The international Specialized company chip, the system is stabler.
  Designs the honeycomb-shaped work table uniquely, may aim at the different application domain replacement.