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The unique charm of four cutting heads laser cutter
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Han’s Yueming laser cutting machine has been with multi-configuration, multi-selection, multi-process to meet diverse needs of the market. The four cutting heads laser cutter dominates the feature of high efficient simultaneous operation, widely used in clothing, footwear, toys, luggage, handicrafts and other industries. For further knowing its unique charm, please read the following characteristics.
four cutting heads laser cutter
The biggest shining point
Compared with two-heads laser machine, four heads laser cutter doubles the efficiency. Multi-configurations, such as single, double, triple laser heads, can be optional for customers’ actual application. Its maximum working area is 1650mmx1200mm, suitable for once time composing and processing of fabrics with large format but small processing pattern.
four cutting heads laser cutter
Widespread applications
widely apply to cut composite materials, organic glass, plastic and other non-metallic materials, and leather cutting in clothing footwear industries. Also, cloth, paper, wood products, rubber, those materials are available. Four cutting heads laser cutter greatly promotes the rapid development of the clothing, footwear, toys, luggage, handicrafts and other industries.
Precision parts design
This model adopts imported high-precision timing belts, high transmission precision, good wear resistance; high-quality outer guide rail components with compact structure, and its four slide bearings are convenient for maintenance and adjustment; workbench parts are made and processed by square tube welding pieces, the same shape design, position and mounting holes are available for interchanging; simple design of cutting head base is with light weight reducing the load of X to the motor, which makes the model run more smoothly and faster .
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