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Radiation damage of laser marking machine
Updated:2014-07-10 09:56  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

    As we all known, laser marking machine adopts Class 4 laser, even in the case of partial coke may also cause third degree burn. The output of laser beam includes a visible and invisible radiation, which is harmful to human eyes. We must avoid eyes and skin exposure to direct or scattered laser radiation beam being. 
    Before the operation or starting a laser marking machine, people all around the device must use special security guard equipment to prevent suffered damage from direct or scattered laser beam. We have another question, does laser radiation will cause hurt to next generation to the nulliparous? There is no evidence to prove radiation of laser marking machine affect human health, but it is used for industrial production, if you are pregnant, it is better not to use laser marker. In fact, many of our home appliances such as computers, microwave ovens, electric cooker etc, produce radiation, but it is inversely proportional to distance and radiation intensity, so in order to ensure the health, as far as possible in the operation of these appliances.