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Advantages of protective film laser cutting machine
Updated:2014-07-09 10:55  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

    The development of the protective film are follow in the footsteps of mobile phones and TV, their material developed from the original PP film to widely used PET film, function also from the original dust proof to the popular OK8 function sticker today. The application of protective film is in the continuous and rapid expansion. However, the traditional mechanical cutting method is easy to bring damage to protective film. The appearance of LCD protective film laser cutting machine has brought the Gospel for protective film industry.
    CMA6050V protective film laser cutting machine is mainly used in the industries of touch screen in the conductive PET film and precision laser cutting of plastic panel in the IT industry. Today, protective film has not only scratch-resistant, high transparent, waterproof, dustproof etc characteristics, which can effectively protect your laptop shell from damage, but also there are some special beauty pad pasting, using new craft, which has both unique shell protection and appearance beauty function. Color bright, design fashion, fully show individual character. Protective film is welcomed by people of their heart, the popularity of laser cutting machine is produced by The Times. Through the internal strict testing and practical application by customer, CMA6050V protective film laser cutting machine has reached the international advanced level, on laser cutting speed and effect has surpassed same types of cutting machine in the United States and Taiwan.
    To sum up, protective film laser cutting machine are superior in quality, sophisticated technology, advanced design, stable performance, reasonable price, are well received by users.
protective film laser cutting machine