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Choose proper laser machine for textile industry
Updated:2014-07-15 10:51  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

To make decison to buy one laser machine, it is very simple and easy course, but it is difficult & serious to make decision to confirm one proper laser machine.  At present, there are many kind of laser machine applied in garments industry widely, such as laser cutting machine with fixed table, laser cutting machine with auto-conveyor table and laser marking machine, etc. These machine are mainly for applique cutting, sample making, label cutting, leather marking & drilling, jeans marking, etc. 
When the garmens factory choose laser equipment, you should know clearly what is your business scale, main materials and production quantity, then you just can consider the right machine model, machine size, and how many set of machine needed, etc. And you can consult professional person of laser machine factory, you can send your materials to laser machine factory to make the samples firstly, if needed, the professional person of laser machine factory can visit your factory, then give you proper solution/suggestion. 
Furthermore, before make final decision, you should know abou different brand machine quality in the market, which brand machine have stable quality, lower repairing ratio, know about the company reputation. There are so many laser suppler company in market, there are good brand machine, and there are more bad quality machine with lower price. That need us to know on it clearly, know about the machine stability, software operation, and the feedback from endusers. 
Only know more about the machine performance feedback from market, then you just can choose one good quality machine with reasonable price.