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Choose High Quality Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine
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 When we choose high quality laser cutting machine, we do not only choose the product itself, after sales service and the capability of the manufacture to guarantee the quality also should be taken into consideration. Many customers can not resist the temptation of low price, the choose the cheapest laser cutting machine from a list of small factories, but half a year later, laser cutting machine need to be replaced, they try to contact the manufacturer.
Then how to select a suitable laser cutting machine?
First of all, you should know whether thislaser cutter is suitable for your processing materials, and what the main function of the machine. Fox example, CMA1390 laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting acrylics in advertising industry, but also can deal with many other non-metal materials. But if you want to cut cloth and leather in large scale, CMA1625TF laser cutting machine is the best choice.
Second, know more about the manufacturer, such as the size of the factory, the popularity of its product, the after service of product, and whether this manufacturer has the ability of self research and development. Many manufacturers do not develop products themselves, they only copy from other advanced manufacturer, but when problems come, the do not know how to solve them.
Finally, think about the performance-cost ratio, you do not make choices between price and quality, but the combination of two. For example, a laser cutting machine for 10,000 dollars with a lifetime of 3 years and a laser cutting machine for 15,000 with a lifetime of 5 years, when other conditions equal, you will choose the latter.

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