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Composition of Computer Laser Engraver
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The two main parts of computer laser engravers:

The upper computer—includes PC and other relative accessories such as scanner and printer

The PLC---computerlaser engraver and relative parts

The upper computer—PLC are connected to be an integrated system by RS-232 serial communication cables. The characters and graphics generated in the computer will be sent to engravers through serial port and the laser group will work under the control of the microcomputer on the engraver. Thus the serial port cable is the bridge to connect and communicate the two parts. The data in the computer can be sent to the engraver successfully on the condition that the cable is working well.

references for configuration of computer and peripherals:

CPU: Pentium or Celeron series, the levels should be assured, such as: PIII733 or Celeron II900, etc.;

Memory: 128M or above

HDD: generally about 20G is proper

VGA: 16M or above Video memory

Color display: 15’ or above and 17’ is advised

Scanner: resolution above 600 dpi

Software: Win98, CorelDraw9.0, laser engraver software, etc.