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Develop the future jointly with sincere partners – Han’s YueMing Congratulates ChuangXin laser gathers near 100 million D round financing!
Updated:2015-08-10 09:58  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

It is reported that ChuangXin laser successfully gathered nearly 100 million D round financing in July. As a partner, Han’s Yueming offer most sincere congratulations to Chuangxin and wish Chuangxin better business.
Han’s Yueming laser and Chuangxin laser have worked together for many years and we are partners and friends. All kinds of laser head they brought us help our devices with better application like metal laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, 3D laser marking machine.
As laser manufacturing enterprise, we should not only be responsible for the customer, but also for society, particularly make the entire society recognize laser innovation. After we all become the world's leading companies, we firmly believe: as high-tech laser technology enterprises, we need to promote scientific and technological development of the whole society and play a good role in national laser enterprises.
We’d like to extend our sincere congratulation to Chuangxin Laser again. Wish Chuangxin a better future. We hope to continue maintaining mutually beneficial cooperation in the future, complementary spirit, together toward a higher stage of development.
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