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Jean Carving Machine, Excellent Fashion Tools in Summer
Updated:2015-08-12 10:50  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

Jean carving sample
       What can not absent from in scorching summer? Icy delicious ice cream, warm and hot sunny beaches, comfortable air-conditioned rooms.... Of course, there are various kinds of fashion jeans, jean skirt. So how much you know about jean carving machine?
       Jean carving machine, that is, jean laser marking machine, is designed to carve jean (Burnt) processing laser equipment. With the rapid development of the laser, pollution, pungent odor of denim process has become a "past tense", followed by advanced green jean carving machine. Under the help of laser marking machine, the jeans become more stylish, elegant, trendy, diverse and out of ordinary. 
Jean carving sample
       In the muggy period from July to September, the weather was hot and shining. People, especially young women would like to wear short skirts and cutty sark made by leather, denim, chiffon and other fabrics. Thanks to the jean carving machine, jeans can keep with the fashion and keep reborn day by day. Whether ordinary beard patterns, or intricate carved patterns, Han ‘s Yueming jean carving machines can give new life to jean.
    Especially Han’s Yue Ming MC350-DJ-A jean carving machine pursuits the development of the times, such as fiber laser cutting machine, UV laser marking and other product markets are the result from  investigation. Jean carving machine is so superior fashion tool, what are you waiting ?