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Laser Engraver Maintenance

Brief introduction of Laser Engraving Machine
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Structure and application of  Laser Engraving Machine :

The complete working system is composed of princpal machine of laser engraving ,laser power supply, laser engraving software, exhaust fan,air pump,submersible pump,water tank,air pipe,calculator,communication cable,etc.According to different processing material,it can be equipped with printer,scanner,various kinds of designing software,etc.

Laser engraving machine is mainly used in the advertising industry, leather products, identification industry, clothing processing, textile industry , decorative building, textile industry and so on. Laser engraver  is the art of using the laser to engrave, mark, or etch an object. Unlike other types of engraving, the laser machine does not require tool bits that wear out and have to be replaced. The  laser engraving machine is widely used in all kinds of lines and fields. Different designs have been used in producction to meet different line’s requirements. We believe that the type of machine you’ve chosen will surely be of great help to your work. The following introductions might provide you information for enlarging the field of usage and to use laser machine well.