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Laser manufacturing industry, "Internet +" era
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This is a fast-growing information age, which is described as "Internet +" era. It is easy to find that whenever laser manufacturers have any new initiatives or strategies announced, it can’t leave "Internet +" in the world of science and technology network. Like universal agent and magic artifact, no matter what the industry or product it is, it becomes high-end atmosphere on the grade after affixing to the label of Internet thinking. Therefore, "Internet +" era of laser manufacturing industry has been carefully written up.
Internet plus
"Internet +" mode of Han’s Yueming laser   
This is the era of innovation. As an old saying goes, Thousands of junks sail pass by the side; go ahead you will see more spring wood. It is exactly true that everything in the world all experiences metabolism; advanced thing is bound to overcome outdated things and then push outdated things to new ones. What shaking change traditional laser industry is taking which is labor-intensive and focuses on processing by using the "Internet +"? Let us look at the following "Internet +" mode of Han’s Yueming laser. Owning 15-year laser manufacturing experience, Han’s Yueming laser has gradually followed the development of the Internet, learned from the Internet and grew up in the Internet in recent years.
Han's Yueming Laser
 First, transformation and upgrading and industry merger become a major line. Equipped with conventional devices like metal laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser automatic marking, Han’s Yueming Laser successfully organized the "GD Han’s Songgu robot Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd." and "Shanghai Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd", aiming at the arrival of robot era and full development of automatic processing industry. It is believed that the reformation of Han’s YueMing will certainly taking a new laser manufacturing trip with the help of "Internet +".
 Second, new changes in communication with users and service. This can reflect on mainly reflected on pre-sales and after-sales service. Our manufacturing and network updates synchronously in society where internet develops rapidly. Our company website takes online customer service and toll-free to facilitate customers’ purchasing consult; after-sale service also combines headquarter hotline with local service. The distribution network allows users to know location office address clearly, unifying our pre-unified market management and improving after-sale technical service.
 Third, attach importance to the network propagation of brand. Today, under the impetus of social networks, it is both a good era and a bad one. It is common: people are involved in distribution of network information; people know and consult on the Internet; the dissemination of information develops rapidly. At the same time, it is common that some false information occurs and it’s difficult to distinguish because of the wide breadth, variety and purpose of the publisher. However, Han’s Yueming Laser uses new media like microblog, wetchat, forums to spread positive energy in "Internet +" era. It is through connecting with Internet that Han’s Yueming strives to create a huge platform where real user and enterprise can communicate.
Laser manufacturing industry,internet plus
Summary: "Internet +" and laser manufacturing develop together 
The combination of "Internet +" and laser manufacturing represents a new form of economic growth, that is, making full use of internet’s optimization and integration in the allocation of production factors, but also applying Internet integration innovations to laser manufacturing economy and then enhancing the innovation and productivity of entity economy,. It is easy to see that in this case, a more extensive economic development code based on Internet infrastructure and implementation tools forms.
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