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Laser marker Repair

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No light extraction

1.2M laser diode and usual laser power supply are used for this machine mode. A water protector is derailed on the signal wire between the board card and laser power supply to keep the laser diode working without water and to protect the laser diode.

The laser diode will not give out lights if there is no water or the water protector is not open.

The water-in pipe and the water-out pipe were inserted contrarily. Alternate the pipes.

The water protector is problematic and needs replacement.

The current is too low. Uplift the current.

The laser diode or the laser power supply is problematic and needs replacement.

The adjustable potentiometer or the ampere meter is broken or has open circuit and needs replacement.

The board card is problematic and needs replacement. Under normal circumstances, the optical density signal will be within the range of 0-5V when marking and 0V when not marking.

There is open circuit on the signal wire between the board card and the laser power supply. Re-weld it.

If the operation system or the computer is problematic, reinstall the OS or replace the computer.

Weak beam

Failure to choose CW mode of the marking software will cause weak laser. Choose the CW mode.

The current is too low. Raise the current.

Wrong focal distance, readjust it.

The water temperature is too high.

The extender lens, galvanometer lens or the focusing mirror are dirty.

The laser diode is aging and needs replacement.

The laser power supply is problematic. For treatments to other failures please refer to that of YAG50 series.