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Laser Engraver Maintenance

Yueming Laser Engraving Machine Safety Precautions
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1 In the machine working process, prohibit to leave operator, lest appear unnecessary losses.
2, the machine will work, must cover the top cover machine, in case of laser deviation.
3 and there by machine, laser and high-pressure non-professionals are strictly forbid apart machine.
4 all parts, machine, in case the grounding must be completely reliable electricity.
5, because this is not visible, laser equipment placed near the prohibited item inflammable, explosive, in case of laser deviation fires.
6 and the equipment placed any extraneous total or diffuse object, laser direct reflection in the human body or flammable items.
7 and in the machine working process, the operator must observe the machine working conditions (e.g. gou bian deformation, spread by blowing qibeng paper high block machine, laser abnormal sound, circulating water temperature, etc.).
8 and shall not use hand car or push-pull beam.
9 machines, environment pollution, no high voltage, strong magnetic interference and influence as.
10 and voltage instability, or when the ban on must use the stabilizer.
11, without training personnel.
12 and machine working time continuous working hours must not exceed 5 hours (midway to rest at least half an hour).
13 and water temperature must maintain clean, cannot exceed 20 degrees - 30 degrees (recommended water).
14 and prohibit ammeter maximum state boot, lest breakdown laser power, shorten the laser tube life.
15 and laser power use basic limit (i.e. ammeter maximum cannot exceed 20mA)
16 if the machine malfunctions or fire immediately please cut off power supply.

All the tips above, the user must strictly observe, personal injury or damage to the machine, the manufacturer would not be responsible.