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Power on but machine no movement
Updated:2011-11-14 10:21  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:


1. The laser cutting machine power is on, but the laser head does not move, and the LCD displays nothing: Please check if the fuse in the general power is burnt and if burnt, please repair.
2. The machine power is on, LCD displays “Loading” at first, after that, it displays “Waiting”, but the laser head does not move: Check if the “Movement precision” of the motherboard is over the right range(        ), it’s very common after you replace the mother board.
3. The machine power is on, the laser head moves, and LCD displays “Loading” all the time: it shows the LCD control board (which is under the LCD) or the motherboard is broken.
4. The machine power is on, LCD displays normally, but the laser head and the bridge can’t move: Please push the laser head and bridge by hand, if they can move easily, it means that, there is something wrong with the motors or the motor drivers. Please check which one is broken by exchanging the X and Y motors or motor drivers. Replace the broken one after identifying. You can also check if the motor cables are well connected.