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laser machine regulare failure and failure elimination
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1.The laser tube should be reasonably installed. The support point should be at the place of a quarter of the total length of the tube, otherwise the transverse modes of the tube will be problematic. Some times, the transverse will be several points to decrease the laser power and make it fail to meet the requirements. This will cause frequent laser tube replacement. Please read the Usage Notice of Laser Tube.

2.The cooling system should be grounded; the water tank and the water route should be washed timely; the temperature control point of the refrigerating temperature control water tank should be appropriate. Failure to meet these requirements may cause problems such as laser tube breakage and dew-producing power decreasing, falling off of the cool water nozzle, reduction of service life, working malfunction, and even frequent laser tube replacement.

3.The water protector should be cleaned frequently. If the cooling water cannot push off the water protection floater switch or the floater switch cannot return back, short connection method can not be employed for temporary resolution. The cooling water should be of high quality and the dirt in water pump, water pipe, and water protector should be cleaned periodically if the aluminous water nozzle is seriously oxygenated, otherwise it may cause an explosion of the laser tube or falling off of cool water nozzle.

4.Air machine should be periodically checked and cleared. The air tube of the air machine should be cleaned otherwise smoke and dust remain will speed up polluting the lens and laser diode to cause easiness of oxidation and defective connection of each mechanical electronic parts.

5.Check the focusing mirror and reflection mirrors. The lens fix frames get hot after a while of working and the lens become rusty and its colour changes. Lens with falling off of film or craze needs replacement, especially the strong air pump and air compressor customers used (if any) will cause rapid dropsy on the focusing mirror. Thus, periodic checking of lens (light outlet portal of the laser diode), the cleanness condition and quality of the light route system.

6.The working circumstance for the machine couldn’t be harsh. The machine will be seriously damaged and the failure rate will increase if the air temperature is over 30 °C or below 18 °C, or there is too much dust or serious air pollution. The electrical parts will be subject to troubles in wet environment. Hereby we remind our customers to improve the work environment and implement regular maintenance.

7.The grid power must be consistent with the requirements. The distribution and connection of the power for each part of the machine should be in good condition (air machine, water chiller, laser diode, laser power supply, and computer should be electrified separately.).

8.The working current of the laser diode must be correct and the optical density cannot be in the range of 90-100 for a long time. The utilization of laser should be optimized and economical. The light route system should be clean otherwise it will cause early aging and craze of the laser diode. Thus the working optical density of the laser engraver should be between 50-60% and the processing speed should be adjusted according to the materials. In this way, the laser diode can reach the best work status.

9.The bottom panel and the materials to be processed should be even and smooth otherwise it will cause inconsistent focal distance and some position failed to be breakdown as well as increasing of optical density which will also cause laser diode aging.

10.The heat dissipation of the laser diode should be successful otherwise the temperature will rise quickly as long as the work current was adjusted to 50%, and this will increase the failure rate of the laser power supply. For machines of TM series, the heat of the power supply can be dissipated by disassembling the side lid.