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Laser Cutter Maintenance

Failures and Treatments of SM Cutter
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System halted

First check whether the machine, the computer and the isolation transformer is connected in line with the technology standards. Wrong wire connection will cause system halted. For the right connection method, please refer to Section 7, Chapter 17 herein.

If Lenovo computer is used, check whether the Hyper threading in superior menu in the BIOS is set forbidden. Set of Allow may cause frequent system halted.

Check whether the SM software is version 2.007. Version 2.005 will cause frequent system halted.

Open SM machine software and obtain the graphics. Then put one hand on the honeycomb panel and move slowly to check whether the graphic is coherent. If the graphic obtained is interrupted or there is of double image, this will also cause system halted. The PCI slot for capture card can be altered until obtaining of clear graphic to reduce the possibility of system halted.

The capture card is problematic. Replace it to check whether it works.

The CM main board is problematic and needs replacement.

If the operation system or the computer is problematic, reinstall the OS or replace the computer.

Inaccurate cutting

Check whether the cam is loose and whether the graphic captured is clear. Loose cam or unsharp graphic will cause inaccurate cutting. Lock the cam firmly and clean its lens.

The optical scale is problematic. Optical scale in good condition will execute self-test when turned on if the parameter of control method in main board is set closed ring and the X and Y optical scales are inserted correctly.  (It won’t execute self-test when turned on if the control method is set open ring or the X and Y optical scales are inserted contrarily), and there will be no abnormal noise. Take out the optical scale and check whether it can cut accurately.

Whether the horizontal verticality calibration is not correctly adjusted. Readjust it.

The calibration file or the mode file was not well done. Readjust.

The cutting parameters were not correct and need modification.

Faint lights from ring lamp will also cause inaccurate cutting. Replace the ring lamp.

Failure to capture graphics

The driver of capture card was not correctly installed and needs reinstallation.

The cam is problematic and needs replacement.

The capture card is problematic and needs replacement.

Treatments to some failures are basically same with that of common engravers. For details, please refer to training materials of laser equipments and Annex 1 of Reference Material: Failures of Laser Engraving Machines.


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