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How to choose best suitable laser engraving machine?
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Laser engravers can be divided into professional  laser engraving  machine, professional laser marking engraving, professional laser cutting. Following advices maybe help to choose a laser engraver.

1)what is kind of
materials will the machine engrave:
Generally, laser engravers can be divide into two kinds: YAG and CO2. The first one is special designed for metals engraving, the second one is for non-metal materials, which occupies a larger parts in the engraving market.

2) What kinds of application you want to get:
Engraving equipments including laser engraver,
laser cutter, and
laser marking machine. According to different application, some equipments are multifunctional while some are special engravers just for one function.

3) How much power do I need?
25-40 Watts –It is special for stamp carving and simple engraving and thin material cutting, not recommended    for thick cutting or dual head applications.

40-60 Watts –Medium production power level for deeper, high speed engraving and slightly thick cutting  operations. 60-80 Watts –High productionpower level provides increased throughput deep engraving and cutting.

100-180 Watts – Very high production power level that is ideal for heavycutting and deep, higher throughput engraving. For example, if you want to cut acrylic of thickness of over 2cm (Include 2cm) or other thick material; you can choose high power lasers.

200 Watt – GSI, Imported from UK. It can cut at most 3mm iron and thick non-metals. It is very suitable for thin materials cutting.

500Watt – YAG. It can cut at most 8mm iron. Anyway, it can cut brass,aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and so on.

4) Speed:
More profit can be realize in short time with high working speed. So speed is the important factor on whether 
    you can get the orders and get the profits.

5) Other features:
Apart from above mentioned features, there are a couple of other things to remember when choosing engraving machines. Good mechanical design is also important for you; it makes your working more stable and convenient Some optical device can extend machine’s application. Your detailed information will be helpful for us to suggest  the best suitable laser engraver  to you.