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The reason of choosing nameplate laser engraving machine
Updated:2014-10-15 09:40  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

Along with the development of society and the increasing demand of human, hand-carved cannot meet mass producing needs any more. Not that hand-carved will be eliminated, but nameplate laser engraving machine with higher precision, fast speed meet the new engraving requirement of manufacturers.
Limitations of hand-carved
Lots of new material constantly emergence, it’s difficult for hand-carved to finish the job. The characteristics of materials are different, so the processing strength is vary. As carving precise and difficulty upgrades by time, the traditional manual processing is limited. Laser engraving machine solves this problem perfectly. 
Laser cutting machine can engraving and cutting, it can according different material and production requirement to carved intricate patterns. Laser processing equipment is widely used in different material, cutting edge smoothly, without burrs, no noise, no dust, fast engraving and cutting speed, high precision, less waste and high efficiency, which is the best choice of sign, architecture, decoration, packaging and other industries. It can also easily engraving small and meaningful letters on the surface, which opens up a wide space of personalized gifts, and nameplate producing. As lower price of laser engraving machine, it has been widely used in various industries. 
nameplate laser engraving machine engraving sample