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Popular laser leather cutting machine
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In the circumstances of fierce industry competition, facing the manufacturing problem of shortage workers, increasing labor raw material cost and low profits, individuation, changing, laser leather cutting machine, fabric laser cutting machine and series automatic equipment can solve the above problem. In particular, Han’s yueming laser has been to with the purpose of increasing efficiency, creating high value for customers, win-win cooperation, whose products like laser leather cutting machines are favored by many customers. 
Laser cutting technology gets married with leather industry
For shoe-making enterprises, increasing market competition and raising cost give enterprises heavy pressure, innovation become the weapon of development. More and more enterprises take the future way of save manpower, automation, intelligence, so high cost performance laser cutting machine comes to people eyes. Han’s yueming laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine are not only help enterprises to save labor cost, but also reduce the intensity of work, creating more benefits. 
Preferred laser leather cutting machine
Why does leather industry choose laser cutting machine? Compared with conventional processing methods, laser cutting is with greatly adaptability and flexibility. In fact, laser cutting technology can apply to sign, garment, construction, packing, electronic industries and fields. For leather industry, laser beam cutting width is much smaller than mechanical or other hot cutting methods and its advantage of small cutting width, small heat-affected zone, little deformation of work pieces. So laser leather cutting machine occupies more than half market. 
laser leather cutting machine cutting sample