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High quality template cutting machine
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As template cutting machine constant technology innovation and improvement, and it show great producing energy in using and gradually being recoginized and favored by garment manufacturing industry. Han’s yueming laser template cutting machine is equipped with strong suction and high resistance corrosion of backplane, simplely operation, high productivity effictive, reducing costs, thus it becoming the most reliable garment template cutting machine for clothing industry. 
The characteristic of template cutting machine
With the rapid development of clothing fashion, clothing manufacturers have big demand for garment templates. With the development of garment drawing software, the way of trimming and sewing has changed and standard producing tools to replace traditional triming and sewing method. Template laser cutting machine is with its fast cutting speed, precise and stable performance characteristics replacing the original manual and bit technologies widely used in garment production, becoming a weapon to booster the development of templates industry. Laser cutting machine uses PVC, transparent acrylic as cutting material, designs graphics in computer and you can easily get the costume you want. 
Why you should choose Han’s yueming laser template cutting machine
Through years of integration R&D experience and resourses, Han’s yueming laser designs advanced laser processing machine to meet the demand of multiple industries. Han’s yueming laser R&D realized the important of garment processing machine as the labor cost raising, luanching the high performance template laser cutting machine to improve garment manufacturer efficency. Currently, Han’s yueming laser cutting machine are also widely used in PVC, perspex, foam laser cutting. With the development of template laser cutting machine, I think it will promote garment processing industry to a brighter future. 
template laser cutting machine cutting sample