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Advantages of trademark camera laser cutting machine
Updated:2014-10-10 10:15  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:

In order to solve trademarks processing problem, GD Han’s yueming laser developed a new trademark camera laser cutting machine, which made trademark cutting, appliqué cutting sample and high efficient. Trademark camera laser cutting machine unified Laser technology, automation technology, intelligent vision system together, will surely help manufacturers improve productivity and access to sustainable and positive productivity benefits help. 
So what the advantage does this trademark camera laser cutting machine have? Let’s discuss below.
First, it is with top-end technology system. Han’s yueming laser SM960 Auotmatic Pickup Positioning Lable Cutting Machine used currently top-end DSP technology and world leading camera positioning system, achieving fast continuous curve function. In the case of high speeds, laser cutting straight lines without distortion, cutting curves without distortion. Trademark camera laser cutting machine cutting technology has greatly enhanced the trademarks cutting accuracy and productivity. 
Second, it can increase 10%-20% producing efficiency. Time is the effectiveness, trademark camera laser cutting machine is with auto catching shortest cutting routes software that saving an average time of 10%-20%. 
Third, world leading recognition technology, automatic tracing-edge can avoid the complicated operation and operational errors. Computer catches pictures through visual system, which can automatically search for cutting position, tracking the edge of trademark, continuous automatic display moving pictures and the trademark camera laser cutting machine can cut automatically. Users can quickly master operation skill. 
Fourth, it is a multi-functional laser cutting machine. It is not only a professional trademark camera laser cutting machine but also a multi-functional laser machine. It can also cut other flexible fabric perfectly like appliqué laser cutting, garment or decoration accessories laser cutting, upper of shoes laser cutting and so on. Trademark camera laser cutting machine is widely used in garment, leather, toys, appliqué, denim, trademark, mold, card cutting and it is adored by a lot of manufacturers. 
trademark carmera laser cutting machine