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The application of advertisement laser cutting machine
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Increasing competition in the market today, advertisement plays an important role in products promotion. Take outdoor advertising advertisement industry as example, outdoor manufacturers improve their products performance, technology, designing style and fight to earn space in the peer. LED light guide plate, LED crystal resin characters, blister lightbox are favorable by people. So advertisement laser cutting machine was born. 
Advertising letters application               
LED advertising letters is widely used in roof advertising sign producing, door sign, light boxes producing and so on. Now lots of signage made of acrylic because of its environmentally friendly, durable, high transparency, easy processing. Acrylic letters with the style of upscale, tasteful acchieves customers favor. People can choose the sign letters what they like, so high quality acrylic laser cutting machine creates elaborate advertisement signboards. 
Advertisement laser cutting machine
Han’s yueming laser as a high quality industry laser equipment manufacturer, focused on laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine for 14 years, which integrated with R&D, producing and sales. With years rich experience and strong and professional technical R&D team, Han’s yueming advertisement laser cutting machine with the character of high performance and cost rate won the trusted of customers. Han’s yueming will blaze new trails in a pioneering spirt add new vitality to advertisement and laser technology industry. 
advertisement laser cutting machine