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HyRobot C20 3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine HyRobotC20

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1.High precision Staubli industrial robot, aluminum alloy arm, light weight; The unique hoisting device ensures the operating accuracy under any posture ;

2.Adopts fiber laser source, good beam quality, stable power and low energy consumption;

3.Robot is fixed on crane gantry, which enjoys large working range and Easy for loading and unloading It can process large sheet metal forming parts ;

4.Equips with the laser cutting head with follow-cutting function, compact structure, light weight, the focus lens is double protected, with low cost ;

5.The fully enclosed protection housing adopts the safety interlock design, effectively isolating the processing zone, avoiding the laser radiation damage and with high safety;

6.Intelligent operation panel, simple interface, clear identification, easy to learn; Embedded process database, easy and flexible use;

7.Robot fiber cutting system with remote diagnosis, remote assistance function, fast after-sales service response;

8.The robot and the cutting head are equipped with reliable collision quick reset device to effectively protect the key parts ;

9.It can organize a certain number of cutting units to form an automated production line to meet the production needs of medium batch.

Technical Parameter

Mechanical arm span

Output laser power500-2000W
Working abutment2000×2000mm (Fixed type)
Axis2147.5º / -130º
Axis5140º / -115º
Reposition accuracy0.05mm (VDI/DGQ3441)
Total power11Kw
Gross weight3T
Overall dimension7000×4000×3200 mm

Parts Introduction


Main application:

In the process of product modification, after stamping sheet metal parts laser cutting process and edge removal are used to replace blanking die and cutting edge die stamping.

After the high strength steel plate hot forming, secondary cutting process.


  • Metal plate cutting on the back of washing machine

  • Notebook metal border cutting

  • Circular rotary ventilation window cutting

  • Car fender cutting

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