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FLY Pro series fiber laser cutting machine FLY Pro 3015 / 4020 / 6020

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1.Available for both sheet & pipe cutting, connect nest to service door, easy to access and operation;

2.Pipe cutting is sealed inside of the machine protection housing, more safety for operator;

3.The pipe feeding device support max 1.5 meters every time, keep feeding for long pipe cutting, 6 meter and longer pipes still fine;

4.A ranges of clamp jigs can match with different metal profile: angle steel, channel steel and I-steel;

5.Adopts gantry structure, high strength steel welded frame, stress relief treatment, good rigidity;

6.Equip with high precision servo motor driving system, high torque, less deviation, high dynamic transmission system. 

7.Autofocus head is optional, embedded application parameter database, easy for operation;

8.Safety protection housing and safety interlock design, more protection for operators;

9.Equipped with a special cutting platform to assist in the processing the long pipe workpiece.

Technical Parameter

ModelFLY Pro 3015/FLY Pro 4020/FLY Pro 6020
The scope of work
Laser power1-6KW
X-axis distance3100/4100/6100mm
Y-axis distance1550/2050/2050mm
Z-axis distance300mm
X、Yaxis Positioning accuracy0.03mm(VDI/DGQ3441)
X、YaxisMaximum link age speed140m/min
Maximum positioning acceleration1.4g
The  host  weight11.5/13T/15T
Scope  of  processing  pipesThe  diameter  of  the  external  circle of  the  section  is  less  than  220mm
Maximum  workpiece weight  of  pipe100kg
X1 single axis positioning speed (MAX)80m/min
AaxisMaximum  fixing  speed100rpm
A、Baxis Repositioning accuracy10″
With pipe cutting Machine dimension No pipe cutting

10900×3000×2050mm (8900×3000×2050mm)

13000×3600×2050mm (11000×3600mm×2050mm)


Parts Introduction



  • Brass cutting

  • Carbon steel cutting

  • Steel Pipes cutting

  • Titanium Tube cutting 

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