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Three characteristics of intelligent and flexible processing of metal material laser cutting machine

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2021-1-19 Share:         Back to list

Under the COVID-19, many people cannot work in time, so many companies cannot re-work in time as well. Compared with companies that rely heavily on labors, companies with higher levels of intelligence re-work earlier, such as companies that apply metal material laser cutting machines replacing traditional metal material processing equipment. There are three characteristics regarding the intelligent and flexible processing of metal material laser cutting machines:


1.Automatic loading and unloading and storage system

The metal material laser cutting machine equipped with automatic loading and unloading and warehousing systems and that is a fully automatic intelligent laser cutting production line, which is without manual duty, automatic loading and unloading, so that greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs; multi-level storage units increase site utilization.


2. Automatic CCD recognition and automatic zoom technology

Automatic CCD eagle-eye recognition technology, which is optical-eye edge finding, and it support for automatic material extraction and multi-template matching processing, so the cutting speed is extremely fast and it is with changing cutting zoom perforation technology. Also, it can ensure that the metal material laser cutting machine cuts different thicknesses and materials, high efficiency and quality processing.


3. Remote diagnosis and monitoring

The function of remote assistance in handling equipment failures can improve the timeliness of troubleshooting of metal material laser cutting machines and effectively reduce the cost of after-sales service. Through remote monitoring, the machine operation and working parameters can be grasped in time.


The 2021 is coming, but the COVID-19 seems to still be around us for a long time. In order to deal with unpredictable risks, people must be prepared. The metal material laser cutting machine is undoubtedly one of the good choices for metal processing manufacturers.

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