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Laser-cut stainless steel door handles make a classic glass door design that never fades

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2020-12-16 Share:         Back to list

Glass doors are generally made of toughened glass, which are with reliable hardness, generous style, light transmission and easy to clean. They are normally used in many stores. Besides taking the quality of glass doors of consideration, the quality of the door handles is also important, as it directly affect doors’ aesthetics. Laser-cut stainless steel door handles make a classic glass door design that never fades.


Laser cutting round pipe


The design of the glass door and the pipe handle can be called a classic

Whether it’s in an office building or a large shopping mall

It can be seen everywhere, whether in China or overseas

When a style becomes a classic, design continue to inherit

Exquisite laser cutting technology gives precision to each piece of pipe

Which shows the ingenuity of laser craftsmanship in the subtleties

However, inheriting is not just the classic design of glass door handles

But the perfect combination of design and craftsmanship


Laser cutting special-shaped pipe


The tube type of glass door handle is mainly round

But there is also types of oval, square, shaped and other tubular profiles

When processing, original long tube is necessary to be cut

But making hollow openings at each interface to facilitate connection is also necessary

It may be difficult for traditional processing technology

But it’s easy for fiber laser tube cutting machine

For fiber laser tube cutting machine, it is easy to control the cutting and opening of different tubes

Also, it has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility, etc.

Therefore, fiber laser tube cutting machine has become the standard equipment for metal pipe production


Laser cutting square tube


Advantages of laser processing tubes


1. It is not require mold opening, and make molds for different designs, which saves a lot of production costs;

2. It has high flexibility and unlimited graphics. Regardless of simple or complex shapes, it can be cut and formed by laser at one time. It can also realize automatic cutting and nesting, which improves material utilization. Automatic loading and unloading system, automatic pipe length measurement system, CCD pipe cross-section recognition system, which improves pipe processing efficiency;

3. It has fast cutting speed, high precision, flat and smooth cutting edges, and no burrs, which reduces the defect rate of products and shortens the product production cycle;

4. The laser cutting machine does not produce chemical substances that are harmful to the human body and the environment, also it meets the national environmental protection requirements. That reduce environmental pollution and help furniture manufacturers promote the optimization of the working environment.


Laser cutting oval tube


Door handles are small parts that are often overlooked

But it’s an important decoration

Once ignored, it may greatly influence the taste of the entire space

Cutting, hollowing and punching are combination of the fiber laser tube cutting machine

With ingenuity, every processing procedure is taken seriously

Which improves the beauty and diversity of glass doors finally

Therefore, people's quality of life is changed invisibly

Also, it provides strong technical support for the pipe processing industry


Recommended equipment-HyTube series automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine


HyTube Series Fully Automatic Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine


1. The functional characteristics of the automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine


CCD pipe section recognition system;

Automatic bundle feeding system;

Automatic sorting system for finished pipe fittings;

Floating trusteeship for pipes;

Intelligent remote monitoring system;

Automatic measurement system for tube sheet length.


2. Applicable materials for automatic fiber laser pipe cutting machine

Carbon steel tube cutting, aluminum alloy tube cutting, stainless steel tube cutting, titanium alloy tube cutting.

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