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Is the house messy? You may not have used laser cut racks.

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The home is like a magnet. The longer you live in, the more things you accumulate.

Every family has a hard-to-read "organization experience",

If you want your life to look organized,

Naturally, storage and sorting work is indispensable.

But storage tools are endless,

People are dazzled and don't know how to choose.

Mr. Yueming recommends storage racks for you today-metal sheet tube laser cutting machine cutting racks.


Different home layouts have different applicable shelves.

Use metal as the main construction material for the shelf,

For the room and living room, the unique texture of metal can transform various styles,

For the kitchen and bathroom space, metal materials are also better to take care of, not afraid of moisture.

After drawing on the computer, the flexible sheet metal tube laser cutting machine,

Can smoothly and neatly cut sheet metal tubes of different sizes,

Various styles of racks are formed after welding.


The shelf cut by the sheet metal tube laser cutting machine has excellent plasticity.

A small shelf that can be freely combined.

Can effectively use space.

In order to achieve the purpose of economical and efficient use of space.

Hanging racks can reduce floor space,

Make full use of corner space.


The value of racks is not only storage,

More importantly, it is necessary to hold up the beauty of the whole family.

The metal plate tube laser cutting machine forges high-value racks.

Those beautiful objects, books, etc. that you love,

No need to be stuffed into drawers.

Its about finding the right display status on the shelf,

It is like a carefully arranged display window in a mall shop.


The sheet metal tube laser cutting machine processes the metal rack while ensuring the machining accuracy,

Achieved product diversification and multi-function.

It can be storage or home decoration,

Make storage and display more artistic experience.


Recommended equipment


Plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine CMO1530-R-A


1. Features


Gantry rack and pinion servo dual-drive structure

Original imported laser and electronic control components

High and low voltage automatic switching and alarm detection function

Pneumatic full-stroke symmetrical double-action pipe clamping function

High-precision automatic edge finding and centering function

Leapfrog cutting head


2. Process application


Metal sheet tube laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminum-plated zinc sheet, copper and other metal materials quickly.

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