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How much does the source manufacturer’s laser handheld welding machine cost?

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At the source factory, there is no middleman to make the difference. Buy first-hand sources directly from the manufacturer, the price will definitely be cheaper. In 2020, this difficult year, for manufacturers with metal welding needs, when buying a laser hand-held welding machine, it is of course the best to buy from the source manufacturer, which can save money. How much does the source manufacturer’s laser handheld welding machine cost?


Generally, when you buy a laser handheld welding machine from the source manufacturer, there will be different configurations for you to choose, and the price of different configurations is also different, so the price of the laser handheld welding machine depends on the machine equipment you choose, and the price is between tens of thousands of yuan and several hundred thousand yuan.

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What are the differences in configuration? For example, the same laser hand-held welding machine, some use domestic lasers, some use imported lasers, some are 500w, some are 1500w, some are air-cooled, some are water-cooled, and the configuration is different, the price of the laser handheld welding machine is naturally different.


The price of laser hand-held welding machines is also related to the manufacturer's brand. There are various laser welding machine equipment manufacturers all over the country, and the quality is uneven. The price of laser welding machines with good brands will be higher. Small workshops may not have after-sales services, but good brand manufacturers will not. The quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed by the manufacturer, and the after-sales service is also very good. Compared with some Small workshops are much better.


HW-A handheld laser welding machine


Many people compare the price of laser hand-held welding machines with the price of traditional argon arc welding machines, thinking that the price of laser hand-held welding machines is too expensive. In any case, it is undeniable that nowadays, laser hand-held welding machines are more and more widely used. It is safer, more environmentally friendly, more efficient, and more beautiful in welding. No need to hold a certificate to work. Equipped with water-cooled equipment to ensure continuous 24-hour work. Calculated, the use cost is less than argon arc welding.


Han's Yueming Laser Group strives for self-improvement and makes steel into steel. It has been pursuing high-end quality industrial laser equipment for 20 years. There are many laser welding machine product lines, including semiconductor laser welding machine, continuous fiber laser welding machine, WQF fiber laser welding machine, manipulator laser Welder, etc., welcome to consult.

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