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The helmet is on fire, but do you know a 3D laser cutting motorcycle helmet?

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"The price was 45 yuan two days ago, and I forgot to place an order. I woke up and the price has reached 95 yuan." Many netizens sighed: "I used to ignore you, but now I can't afford it." This is the status quo after motorcycle helmets and electric car helmets are on fire. Demand exceeds supply and prices soar. According to reports, the demand gap is more than 200 million. In order to meet the continuous order of helmets in the market, helmet manufacturers work overtime. Among them, the three-dimensional laser cutting machine is fortunate to participate in the production of helmets.


After injection molding of motorcycle helmets and electric vehicle helmet shells, some residual materials such as nozzles need to be cut, or some holes need to be cut due to mold opening cost considerations. The traditional method is to cut off the saw with an electric shear or a knife and saw, and then to grind. This method is not only not accurate enough, but also relatively slow in efficiency, but not the three-dimensional laser cutting machine.


With the assistance of the robot, the three-dimensional laser cutting machine can accurately cut out the nozzle, visual area, breathing area, vent area, etc. of motorcycle helmets and electric vehicle helmet shells. At the same time, the high-energy laser beam can also trim the edges of the helmet shell during the molding process.


The 3D laser cutting machine adopts a non-contact laser cutting process. The edge of the helmet and the edge of the hole are smooth and free of burrs, and will not stick to the hand. The cutting accuracy is high, and the consistency between the helmet and the helmet is high. Only the computer operation is required. Completing high-quality cutting can achieve high-speed cutting while completing high-quality cutting.


"One helmet and one belt" new traffic regulations are designed to better protect the safety of drivers. Riding motorcycles and electric cars is not like driving a car. There is a body and airbags to keep the danger out. If something happens, it is directly related to the danger. The head is our most important part, so the importance of motorcycle helmets and electric vehicle helmets for our riding safety is self-evident. Safety is priceless, remember to wear a helmet when going out.


Han’s Yueming Laser Group provides one-stop laser application solutions for helmet production and processing: CO2 laser cutting machine can easily handle helmet non-metallic materials cutting, and manufacturers personalized custom shape and pattern problems; UV laser marking machine: personalized customization Pattern marking, trademark marking machine, the pattern is clear and delicate, and will never fade, change color, etc.

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