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The "magic work" on paper -- laser hollowing machine for paper products

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2018-05-10 Share:         Back to list

Laser hollowing machine for paper products is a creators, it gives a beautiful coat to paper; it is an entrepreneur, giving a higher value-added to paper . Why do you say that?

Let the laser sister be a small tour guide, show you the magic of the paper. Let's go and take a look.

laser hollowing machine for paper products

[DIY create personalized style paper lamp: Variety lamps] The idea is from the German studio fifti-fifti, the lamp of the changeable desk lamp (Take-off Light) is composed of two pieces of paper ,they processed by laser hollowing machine for paper products, and the user can remove the fixed shape and make a hollow pattern to form a variety of styles of lampshade design, so as to create a nearly endless light and shadow shape.

laser hollowing machine for paper

In the life, we can see the special exquisite paper handicraft everywhere. Most of them are made into greeting cards, wedding invitations, and bookmarks. Moreover, the production of paper handicrafts has become increasingly sophisticated and amazing. What makes these beautiful paper products?It is the laser hollowing machine for paper products.

laser hollowing machine for paper and wood

Laser hollowing technology has the advantage that the common die stamping process can not overtake.

laser hollowing

First, it uses contactless machining, no tool wear, no direct impact on paper products, no mechanical deformation and no mold loss.

Secondly, the work can be completed according to the software drawing, and the processing of various complex graphics can be completed quickly, and the utilization rate of materials can be improved to the maximum extent.

Finally, the laser has great processing speed, high precision, high personalization, it adapt to the paper production technology trend, can give paper products a higher artistic value!

The laser sister will recommend two laser hollowing machine for paper products of Han's Yueming laser that are suitable for paperwork hollowing and cutting, they will let you feel a  wonderful voyage on the paper.

laser hollowing machine

MC-E-A  CO2 Laser Marking Machine

CMA4030  Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

If you want to konw more information about laser hollowing machine for paper products,please call our sales hotline:0769-89838888!

Quality Yue Ming, service for you!

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