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Face to face heart to heart—the 7th symposium on staff end successfully

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2017-01-26 Share:         Back to list

Han's Yueming Laser staff meeting

To fully understand the work and the live status of our staff , and to improve the management efficiency of the company and to strengthen the effective communication between staff and managers, the 7th symposium of Han’s YueMing Laser Group was held on Oct 21th,2017 in Group’s headquarter.

zhuo.js general manager of Han's Yueming Laser

The general manager of the group JingSong Zhuo and the senior management from different department attended the meeting. And the staff representative were invited to communicate with them face to face sincerely . 

manager of Han's Yueming Laser

Han's Yueming Laser staff conference site

At the meeting , every staff representative from different department talked freely about the management , working environment,company training , entertainment life and staff welfare and made recommendation for it . 

Han's Yueming Laser Employees to speak

Han's Yueming Laser employees to speak

Our general manager took their advice to heart and put forward the best solution immediately . and promised to provide proper solution soon to the problem that cannot be solved right away .The atmosphere of the meeting is very good . 

general manager of Han's Yueming Laser Group

After the meeting , we had dinner together and saw a comedy movie together . We had a very good time that day . 

Han's Yueming Laser Group Headquarter

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