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[Quick custom special sticker method] Enlightenment early education toys, children stickers, stickers laser application solutions.

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Enlightenment early education toys, children's stickers, stickers,

Generally suitable for babies over 3 years old.

Cultivate your baby's concentration, starting with a free sticker collection.

The word hand account comes from Japan,

It is a comprehensive record book from work to study to life,

Such as record study plan, work arrangement, travel strategy, etc.

Compared to books and notebooks, handbooks have more diverse forms of expression.

More and more mothers have begun to let their children edit their own hand account

The traditional processing technology can not meet the customization needs of personalized patterns.

The laser can make up for this shortcoming, and quickly cut to make special stickers,

Meet the ever-changing needs of customized stickers with small batches of personalized patterns.

New co2 laser cutting machine processing method laser application solution,

Complement each other, complement each other, and benefit each other.


Most decorative stickers use paper, film and other materials as face materials. In addition to the need to print patterns in the production process, the cutting process is also an important part of it, which determines the final quality and experience of the product. Early education toys, children's stickers, stickers laser cutting machine application solutions with many advantages stand out from the competition with other traditional mechanical processing methods, and gradually replaced them, becoming the main processing method for customizing stickers.


3.jpgEarly education toys, children's stickers, stickers laser cutting machine processing advantages


1. Laser processing does not require mold opening, and there is no need to make molds for different designs, saving a lot of production costs.

2. Compared with traditional cutter cutting, laser processing is faster and more efficient, speeding up the production speed and shortening the output cycle of finished products.

3. Laser cutting of early childhood toys and stickers for children only needs to adjust the parameters on the computer to meet the different needs of half-cut, full-cut and point-cut. The graphics are not limited, and can complete the cutting of various complex graphics and maximize the material. Utilization rate.

4. The traditional mechanical processing has problems such as inaccurate cutting and rough edges. The laser processing accuracy can reach within millimeters, and the cutting edges are smooth and smooth, which effectively reduces the defective rate of product processing.


Recommended equipment


Full-automatic laser film cutting machine FC600-B-A


1. Features

Optional visual alignment and flight marking function;

The optical path cavity adopts a fully enclosed double dustproof design, which effectively protects the core optical devices such as lasers and galvanometers from pollution, making the equipment work more stable and longer life;

Using imported CO2 radio frequency laser, the spot quality is good, the optical power density is uniform; the output optical power is stable;

Three-axis dynamic scanning system, the core device adopts imported configuration. Intuitive operability, small focusing spot, large working range, high speed and flexibility, good stability;

Up and down double exhaust system, effectively remove the processing dust, to achieve environmental protection and safety;

The height of the marking head can be adjusted to meet the maximum processing width of 600mm*600mm;

The fully automatic roll covering system uses a professional tension controller and servo motor to form a motion control system to ensure the synchronization of material retracting and releasing, and the running accuracy is less than 0.1mm;

Equipped with self-developed SmartScanner professional control system, compatible with importing graphics designed by AutoCAD, CorelDraw and other professional drawing software, with fast processing speed and high processing efficiency.


2. Process application

Mainly used for processing flexible film materials such as reflective materials and PET.


Opening a new era of laser intelligence, Han’s Yueming Laser Group adheres to the concept of win-win cooperation, thanksgiving and sharing. It is committed to the development and manufacturing of high-end industrial laser equipment. The products include laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser welding machines, etc., welcome advisory.

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