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Laser Sheet metal cutting machine

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2017-1-1 Share:         Back to list

In the life, how to use the Laser Sheet metal cutting machine to cut common sheet metal? As the Laser Sheet metal cutting machine applies relative coordinate system and it is molded at a time, the requirement of bending is also gradually improved. Therefore, Laser Sheet metal cutting machine needs to be integrated in a variety of circumstances.
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Take some 1.25 times thickness holes as an example. If the cutting equality of Laser Sheet metal cutting machine is not good, they will pop easily. For instance, hole grooves getting too close to bending line will be severely deformed and after bending completion you also need to process hole grooves. Compared with sheet metal, some processing way is particularly difficult. Under such circumstances, you need to use laser marker to process.
Although there are many ways of processing sheet metal laser cutter, it can meet the requirements of mass production. Compared with punching machine, Laser Sheet metal cutting machine doesn’t need opening and can quickly develop new products and has high processing flexibility and can be adjusted according to production situation at any time. Sheet metal cutting machine and fiber Laser Sheet metal cutting machine has been a processing user because of its wide range and practicality.
The sheet processed by Laser Sheet metal cutting machine has narrow seam, good quality and small heat affected zone. In the actual production, laser technology can achieve a compact structure, bending feasibility and material saving processing effect through comparing with various shapes of sheet metal in order to reduce the welding and material.

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